Thats A Wrap

It’s such a big thing to make handmade gifts and gift-wrapping right now… you see so much creativity centered around design and self expression these days, it’s hard to even keep up. I remember when giving handmade gifts or making your own wrapping paper just meant you were too broke and couldn’t do anything nicer… but it’s not like that anymore – and it’s awesome! Now I don’t feel so bad about being broke expressing my sense of creativity! So, while I paint some mugs for my Christmas gifts this year, I’m thinking of how I’ll wrap them… and these are some of my favorite inspirations I’ve come across via the ever-so-captivating pinterest.

  1. Hand-painted Pompom Wrapping Paper via Anthropologie
  2. Etoile ribbon from Anthropologie
  3. Tags from Rifle Paper Co
  4. DIY holiday clothes pins
  5. Christmas Bow from Greentraderllc
  6.  Washi Tape from Cutetape
  7.  Happy Stripe Wrapping Sheets from Rifle Paper Co