Thanksgiving Fragments







How was your thanksgiving? Ours was simple and nice, enjoying the day with great food and loved ones. It was also my birthday, and I was excited to be able to squeeze it in among the festivities…

…It’s only the third time in my life that my birthday has fallen on Thanksgiving (the day I was born, when I was 10 or so, and yesterday). I remember calculating it years ago, thinking age 28 would take forever to come. Of course, the older you get the faster the years come by, and you look back at yourself as an ignorant, or rather innocent baby, thinking it would take such a “long time”. And I’m sure I’ll continue feeling that I am an innocent baby, as I mature more and more… but actually I really look forward to it. One thing I’ve learned, is getting older and leveling out is actually a very pleasant feeling (or perhaps that’s my way of coping, but whateves).