Prepare to fall in love with Tattly, if you haven’t already. Tattly was launched in 2011, by woman named Tina Roth Eisenberg who grew weary of putting poorly-designed temporary tattoos on her daughter (don’t I feel her on THAT), so she took matters into her own hands by teaming up with a slew of amazing designers and came up with one of the most amazing brands I’ve ever encountered. We’ve talked a lot about brands here recently, I know… (maybe I’m a bit obsessed), but this is good stuff folks..


All of the designs are reminiscent of childhood, summer and happy things. I love the vibrancy, the attention to detail and quirky designs without being over the top “hip”. These tattoos would be fun as fun to sport around as an adult as you would on your own child! And the overall presentation from the Tattly site and photography aren’t to shabby either.