Snow Day

snow dayThis batch of “mismatched moments” is not so much a round-up of different sessions, but certainly some of the most memorable moments in our lives. Precious keepsakes.

It snowed here… quite a bit. 10″ followed by another 3″-5″. It snowed more during this drop than it did last winter all together. I can honestly say that I haven’t played in the snow since I was around seven years old. I can’t take the cold, I shrivel up like some kind of pathetic squirrel ready to hibernate for the winter. But lately, all I crave is to be with my kids… play with them, absorb them into my memories and being; an attempt to mentally record every meaningful second of their development (never-mind the tantrums). This has become so evident within me, I threw on some extra layers (please forgive the BDUs… although it does sort of bring me back to my teen days) and ventured to brave the frigid snow with my family in some classic snow games. And dare I say… I liked it. We all did.
snow day