Pom Pom Sweater

diyI saw this little (or shall I say brilliant?) idea via I Spy DIY and instantly fell in love. I’m all about quirky details, but not so much about expensive brand names that you sometimes see carry sweaters like this *cough,cough Anthropologie cough,cough*. So I bought some plain ol’ pom poms from JoAnnes (any craft store or department store will carry them) and enjoyed a crafty day at home with the family… watching movies I couldn’t care less about and enjoying the sounds of my children bickering. Strange to enjoy that, I suppose… but it really was quite nice.

SO easy, and seriously relaxing. I used a “baste” stitch or tack-stick to sew the pom poms on (this is just a longer stich on the inside and short on the outside). I placed them in a pattern, sort of a diamond pattern to keep consistent. I think I’ll pom pom my whole wardrobe…