Life seems to be “dishing” out so many new beginning and ending of phases in what seemed like our very-settled lives together. We’ve simply never encountered so many curve-balls, dealt with such insecurities, or witnessed drastic changes as a family since, probably, the birth of our SON... I guess it was just time for things to change. Time to mature a bit more. Depression has been a struggle, I must admit…

…But.. I know it’s all for the best too, because we’ve also been blessed in ways that reminded us how beautiful life truly is, the potential it has to offer, and gifts of new-found JOY in place of melancholy hearts. Temporal things seem more trivial than they did before, and I feel constantly wooed by my family on a daily basis. These hard times have humbled me, and us, in ways I didn’t know were necessary… but they are. To grow.

After our move, one of the things that has hurt me the most is putting Lucien in public school. It was difficult not to fixate on the negatives… have a bad habit of doing, but I get this feeling there are going to be bountiful blessings in store, and I shouldn’t feel so much woe. So… I can’t wait to sit back and let them unfold.


Psalm 74:21
Do not let the oppressed retreat in
disgrace; may the poor and needy
praise your name.