Pattie Boyd – Simply Pretty

English Model Pattie Boyd

Is there a celebrity figure or person that sort-of breaks your heart every time you look at them? Well, I suppose and I hope, I’m a little alone here… because it’s not really an admirable personality aspect. God makes us who we are and not someone else, right? But sadly, I’m actually one of those types of girls that sub-consciously compares myself to others, and although I try not to be jealous, I always am (it’s something I really ought to work on)…

…Pattie Boyd is one of the individuals that evokes that within me. You may know her as (ex) wife to George Harrison from the Beatles. She was one of the most beautiful girls in the world, but more importantly, her style was impeccable. Her hair was downright gorgeous, I mean, that perfectly teased classic 60s do? Those overly done eyes? Yes, PLEASE.