Old Fashioned Toys…


  1. Slinky Dog
  2. Rabbit
  3. Wooden Top
  4. Sling Shot
  5. Vintage style robot

Both of my kids’ birthdays are coming around… Lucien’s is July 21st and Ayla’s is September 8th, which of course means I need to brainstorm some fun gift ideas. They have plenty of toys, so there wont be too many new ones… but I’ve really not gathered many vintage (style) toys for them, which makes me a little sad. I absolutely adored vintage toys and gizmos as a child, so I’m curious if they would treasure such things as much as I did (over alternative ugly modern-style ones)… especially vintage toys that clicked or spun, things that intrigued me. Of course from a mother’s perspective, these types of toys also make adorable decoration… and I’ve been desperate to redecorate their spaces for a while now.