Nursing’s End


It’s still hard to believe we have this little girl sometimes. It’s also hard to believe our little boy isn’t the age our little girl is now… that he’s a full-fledged KID, and that she’s right behind him. Nothing, and I mean nothing, prepares for you for how fast they grow. You hear it all the time, from friends, your family, and even from complete strangers “appreciate it now, because they grow so fast!” They always say. Well, I now know those people (even the strangers) mean that in complete sincerity, because it really does come as a surprise, and you suddenly feel like you’ve missed something. I think they want you to love every moment, and not miss anything perhaps they missed themselves…nurse_2nurse_3nurse_4

…I breastfed my son, and at the time, it wasn’t nearly as popular to do so (Crazy how much has changed in only 5 years). I think it actually comes from back in the 60s and 70s, when formula was at the height of its popularity and gave women a sense of freedom to not be, for a lack of a better term, “attached” to their child. They didn’t need to take the time to nurse or even pump a bottle, and they were more free to do housework or work away from home (or whatever else). My grandmother breastfed my mother too, and received quite a bit of flack at the time for being so old fashioned and domestic in her choice. I guess it just wasn’t obvious yet that it was the healthier choice (of course not every woman has that choice, but that’s not what I’m talking about here).

So like I said, it still wasn’t as popular to do when I had my son as it is right now…. So when I nursed Lucien, I was very private about it and only nursed at home or in bathroom stalls. And when he was just over one year old, some people seemed so astounded that I was still nursing him. It got to me a lot, and I was pretty embarrassed… even though I put his health first and continued to nurse him for another year. I think that’s about when I’ll stop with Ayla too, but the great thing with my son was, he pretty much weaned himself… and I felt like that was the perfect opportunity to close that chapter in our lives since he was able to eat well on his own and seemed ready.

Another thing it’s hard to prepare for, is missing the routine of breast-feeding. It can be incredibly annoying sometimes, between teething, the inconvenience of location or awkward attire, or just feeling drained… but once it’s over, you get flashbacks of the bonding. You hear a baby cry somewhere at the grocery store, and you get a weird twinge inside your bosom and a strong drawing to grab them and pull them close to comfort them. And in those moments you’re reminded by how truly fast, it’s all really happening… and your little baby is all grown up.


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