Mignon Kitchen Co

I’ve been playing with a lot of photography on my own at home recently (I guess it’s really taken me some time to step out from Thomas’ shadow and enjoy taking photos for myself). I’ve just been snapping photos of the kids and whatever I fix for us to eat, dabbling with depth of field and experimenting with manual settings. And I suppose that’s pretty common for us “mommy-bloggers” to focus on our home-lives, but what other better subjects do we have? …I’ve never had many pretty things to even take pictures of…  Little by little, I’ve been acquiring nicer things to decorate our home with (Apple, our scratch-happy kitty does not help in the slightest). Anyway, I’d like to start collecting some kitchen pretties as well, and ones like these from Mignon Kitchen Co are juuuust right… Basic, elegant and timeless.