Merry Christmas


A very Merry Christmas to all of you ladies and gents! I hope it was a good one. You can bet ours was as sweet as pie! Well… We didn’t originally expect a particularly “fruitful” Christmas, as this has been a bit of a down time in our lives, financially speaking. I think I’ve mentioned it a couple of times already… but if you know me at all, I tend to obsess, as well as talk very openly about the things weighing heavy on my heart. Honestly, it’s been a really rough year, and I’m just so so SO glad it’s over. I TRULY have high hopes the new year will bring many blessings.

..One blessing that always remains consistent in our lives, is my husband… I don’t mean to be cheesy, and yes, I AM bragging – but I was just so impressed with his passion and tenacity to provide us with a good Christmas this year. I had sort of let it go in my mind, thinking it all just didn’t seem worth the stress or heart ache.. I mean, if your budget is too tight, then what can you do. But he worked very, VERY hard and put in a lot of overtime with his other job. Seeing him lose sleep and still smile through it all plus enjoy the holidays really filled me with such a deep admiration… I can barely contain it.