My Little Photobombers

If you’re a mom, and especially if you’re a blogger-mom, there are times you almost want to give up having your photo taken. It’s difficult, when the kids are there with you… the photographer (my hubby) has to pay as much attention to them, as he does his subject (me, in this case). I think the best thing for those in this same situation, is to just let them join in on the fun… and take the glory for being way cuter.

Well, I do suppose Ayla makes for a pretty sweet accessory… and she goes well with any purse or shoes I own.

I’m wearing: 60s nautical coat // Romwe top // Vintage skirt & shoes // Target tights, umbrella & scarf
Lucien’s wearing: Old navy peacoat // Target tee // Crazy8 jeans
Ayla’s wearing: Vintage sweater, dress // Target tights // Walmart shoes