How to Tie A Turban Headband

When I met up with a friend quite a while ago, she was wearing a scarf in such a way that quite perplexed me, with a knot that seemed to have no start nor end and had the look of a turban-inspired headband. Discovering how easy it really is to tie, I’ve been wearing it ever since about once a week. It’s great for hiding hair-pins or day-old curls … not that I ever have day-old curls or.. anything, of course not. Anyway, I created this tutorial for Vintage Life magazine, which you really must check out for more insanely inspiring vintage goodness!

  1. A square scarf is best because it creates thickness and folds for a true turban feel. Lay the scarf in-front of you so that you can view and fold it easily.
  2. Fold the scarf in half, so that it looks like an elongated triangle.
  3. Fold it again, bringing the tip of the triangle inward and making the scarf a rectangular shape.
  4. Fold once again, making the the entire scarf narrow and ribbon like.
  5. Wrap the folded scarf around the back of your neck and beneath your hair, with the ends held up and over the top of your head. The scarf should lay flat against the sides of your head and still be thick enough that it creates an interesting dynamic of fabric for a turban-inspired feel.
  6. With the ends held tautly in your grasp, twist them once, placing the ends of the scarf at opposite directions.
  7. Now for the disguising the ends. After twisting, pull the ends backward, against the sides of your head. If your scarf is long, you can simply tie the ends at the back of your neck beneath your hair. If your scarf is somewhat small, tuck the ends under the scarf itself and pin if necessary.
  8. Finished! This really is a good vintage-hair do topper. Try with different fabrics with colors and patterns or various lengths/shapes of scarves!