Homemade Salve

This is not exactly desert, no, but a Sweet Sunday it still is… being Sunday and all. If your lips are begging for moisture but you reply back to them, “Dear lips, I can’t stand what’s in store-bought lip-moisturizers these days” then you are in luck my friend. For here is a natural and fabulous recipe (not to mention a scandalously-simple one) for homemade salve. The best part? Putting it in a cute jar or vintage tin.

——— 2 oz infused oil or 2 oz dried herbs
——— 2 T Bees Wax
——— 2 drops essential oil (optional)

Warm the oil over low heat until just hot. Add the beeswax and stir the mixture until all the wax is melted. Add the oil if you’re using it. Pour the mixture into a small glass jar and let it cool.At this point, it should be solid. If its too solid, reheat the salve and add another drizzle of oil. If it’s too soft, reheat and add some more wax. When it’s the right consistency, pour it back into the little jar, cap and label it.

I found this recipe via “Make My Place”, a charming little handmade book with tons of homemade alternatives to food, health and body care and every day essentials.