Wearing: 50’s dress from Adore Vintage | Fada Beaded Collar | Vintage purse | Thrifted shoes

Yes, I had a coat… but it was quite ill-befitting with this outfit, so it kept the weeds warm while we shot these photos. Although honestly, it’s been almost freakishly warm here… since when is Indiana warm in the Winter time? Well, I’m quite alright with that – keep it coming Mother Nature! I’m seriously looking forward to Spring, you know… I always say that, but I am just plain sick of these straggly-looking trees dominating our photos! Garh, garh!I am in loooove with this dress. I had been eyeballing it for quite a while until I finally captured it for myself. If you have a spare moment, check out Adore Vintage where I bought it… her shop is FABULOUS.