Delightful DIYs // For The Littles

I know that I usually only post original DIYs in this feature, but I think I’d like to start sharing some other amazing how tos and craft ideas here and there as well. I just don’t think I could have possibly matched the adorbs of these that follow… What’s great about these crafts are, you don’t necessarily need children to do them! They all would be absolutely darling ways to decorate your home – perhaps on a book shelf or on your computer desk!

I am completely smitten by this denim whale! He looks like something straight out of an old English children’s story-book, stitches and all. It could easily capture that perfect vibe for a nursery or little boys room… Shucks, I want to make one for my very own bedroom! There is a step by step process here… and although it’s in Finnish, the pictures are perfectly clear and precise to follow.

This tassel mobile by Oh! Happy Day is so simple that it’s genius – and what a perfect way to use old scraps of fabric! It’s a little late for me to make mobiles for the kids now, but I’m still contemplating making one almost as a chandelier. This would be a great decoration for any party or event, especially if you did a whole ceiling full of ‘em. Find the step-by-step run through HERE.

My mother used to make me paper dolls all the time as a kid… I think I loved them so much that I wore them all out (sad face!). Even little boys love paper dolls, just make them “masculine” or better yet, make a doll of themselves. Handmade Charlotte has a full how to on her beautiful blog.

Yet again, another “nostalgic” handmade toy. I remember making toys out of bits of nature or things I found around the house. They always end up being the BEST toys, which is hilarious. This would also look cute sailing across a bookshelf in the home… Click HERE to follow the detailed instructions.