Daily Grind // Alex Duetto

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I had a pretty exciting thing happen in my life… my dream came true of finally owning a commercial-grade machine. I know that seems sort of insignificant in the grand scheme of life, but I’ve been saving up for it all year, and it’s been rough to say the least… Well, I can now say that I have it, and I couldn’t be any happier with my choice machine. As much as I’d really like to open up a coffee shop one day, it’s just not a feasible concept in our lives right now. This machine brings me as close to that fantasy as possible… and it really feels like I have a little cafe right in my house!

…If you are ever in the market for a machine of this status (or anything close), I definitely recommend buying through Chris Coffee. They carry a wide range of machines at a variety of price points, and the staff is extremely helpful.. fast shipping, just an over-all excellent service.

Ok. The great thing about the Alex Duetto, is its stunning quality. It will last me a life time. No plastic or crappy parts, and literally weighs as much as I do. Dual boiler (means it can steam and brew simultaneously, as well as consecutively), semi-automatic, plumbable or reservoir-reliant, PID-temperature controled… It’s a work of art – done in the style of the original Italian E-61 group-head machines that began this modern generation’s addiction to coffee in the first place. And the shots? Oh, don’t even get me started on the most delicious coffee that it makes… A++. You will NOT regret this purchase if you take a similar route.

Enough coffee-geek. I also need to share how cute the littles were after they got ahold of the boxes…

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