Coffee Time

How cute is this dress?? I’m such a sucker for polkadots. I found myself tempted to look for my size until I thought of one I have almost just like it. Pout face. Wait, smile face! Anyway, I’ve been non-stop drinking coffee and writing in notebooks. Coffee is my comfort, I use it to unwind at the end of the day when the kiddos are asleep.  I’ve also been jotting down my thoughts in attempt to collect myself… Really, I’ve a very organized person… but I collapse under the pressure of multiple projects, fall behind and just cry (I’m a total crybaby though, so that’s not an unusual reaction). Creating goals and meeting them is one thing, but I really hope mapping out my days and projects will guide me to better use my time.

Modcloth //  Anthropologie Mug // Anthropologie Notebook // J Crew wedges