I’ve been feeling a sad distance with my blog lately… sort of like that feeling you get when you haven’t seen a close friend nearly as often. I’ve just been terribly bombarded with photography projects these last two months, as well as having a hard time staying up late (which is when I work). However, we were able to squeeze in the time for a small family vaca over Thomas’ birthday…. Yep, you got it – A camping trip! We’ve been meaning to go on one for a while, well, ever since I was pregnant with Ayla in fact… it just never seemed to happen. I’m sure it didn’t help that I was a bit of a stick-in-the-mud at first, as I pretty much grew up camping (that’s a whole ‘nother story) – But this was both of the kid’s first time, so it quickly became a blast to spend quality time together. And is there really anything more natural than peeing in the woods?

…We went fishing, hiking and even got to go on a boat ride… which the kids and even the dog (You remember Ten, right? Our funny-looking Pittbull) just loved. Of course we also talked and stayed up late by camp-fire, roasted S’mores… We slept in sleeping bags, got super dirty and even collected bits of nature to bring back home with us. All ‘n all, I would say our first camping trip as a family was a success… even with Lucien’s tantrum over wanting to chop more firewood and about as classic as 1980s Chevy Chase flick I’ve ever encountered!