A Date And Love Affair


I know that I mention it a lot, but it’s quite difficult documenting fashion with children.. maybe we’re just too nervous about the little things, but our old routines just don’t cut it any more. And more than that, Ayla has been sick so much recently we felt she shouldn’t be taken out this week… that’s when Lucien said, “I can take pictures for you if you want, mama. I’d do that for you”. Such a charmer. Even though I worked out the settings for him, didn’t he do an amazing job?!

feast_2 feast_3

We made a date of it, and went to the most darling little restaurant called Feast. If you’re ever in the Bloomington area, I highly recommend  it! It’s absolutely lovely in all ways, shiny and pretty, but quaint and inviting too. And my favorite part? The espresso machine, of course. I like to “ohhh” and “ahhh” over it any time I go in, and it makes me that much more determined to save up for my dream machine. If you’re a Facebook friend or Instagram follower, you probably are super tired of me mentioning this.

..I’m very much an obsessive-compulsive type of personality, you see, and when I set my mind on something it’s very hard for me to think of anything else… and I tend to become pretty immature about it. It’s something I’m working on, but it’s very difficult to ignore. I suspect it will take me about a year to finally be able to get my machine… so until then, I’ll have to visit Feast and drool over their Victoria. Le sigh…

feast_4 feast_5