A Brand

koi_brand_1I’ve been desperately craving simplicity and consistency in my life… I get that way from time to time, and for me, the best remedy is to clean house or revamp my website. Well, the house is spotless… So you know what comes next.

…This time though, I didn’t want to simply redesign the SK look. I wanted to flesh out what or who SK is… And create a true BRAND. It’s about time too… I’ve been blogging since Sept 2008, and yet I’ve never had a cohesive, recognizable trademark of any sort.

You know, a brand really does mean so much. I’m learning how important it is all the time. It’s a great way to draw people in, to draw them BACK, and to remember your “product”, AND to connect with your professional persona. It’s not easy though. I mean, it can’t come across as inviting or charismatic if it’s overly professional… On the other hand, a design can result in unsophistication if it’s too quirky or gimmicky. It’s also a very personal endeavor… YOU have to be satisfied with it. All of those things create a sort of pressure that takes a serious toll on an artist’s level of creativity.

 Professional + Fun + Clean +Original = Headache.

I initially wanted to steer away from using animals or a particular delicious spotted-red-fruit to represent SK… I guess, I’m just afraid to appear childish. Buuut it turns out, cramming thirteen characters into a circular object is quite the difficult task! Being determined to utilize a circle, I sketched up some ideas with a koi after all, despite my fears, as my final attempt in that direction. Wow… now I am quite content with the results. I love that this koi doesn’t have facial features to bond with (or to hate), but the pink in the background gives it some subtle softness in return. Folding origami is such a relaxing pastime, hopefully that effect will trancend through this brand.

/// NOTE \\\

…I wanted to mention this – if you’re creating a logo or branded graphic of some sort, I have one bit of advice that I myself have learned the hard way… Obviously this isn’t for more experienced designers, but if you’re still learning like I am… Save your PSD files, unflattened, with all elements separate from each other and all neat and tidy. Do this, and you can change the colors, shapes, and sizes whenever you feel the need. I’m excited to create business cards corresponding to our different services… Such as Koi #1 for general purposes, Koi #2 for graphic design services, Koi #3 for photography, and Koi #4 for the vintage shop… or something along those lines. Ok, I think I’m feeling better now.