Sleepy Head


Lately, Ayla has been skipping a lot of naps. So this set of photos really capture a special part of the day that I miss, to catch up on work and projects, and just re-energize for the next round of spinning heads and crawling on ceilings.

You know… I’m always a little envious of parents that say their four and FIVE year olds still take naps, or that they have early and consistent bed times for their little ones. We “struggle” with sleep in this house. Well.. maybe I should use the term “relaxed”, we are relaxed when it comes to bedtime. I think the majority of the issue is that we (as parents) are not very strict… well, when it comes to routines anyway (not morals or behavior, necessarily). Saying that though, sometimes as much as I’d really like for them to still take naps and go to bed earlier, I also think that we mostly hate cutting family time short; we all crave it so much on a daily basis. Just last night, both kids talked at the dinner saying that “their family makes them happy”… coming from a six and two year old, some how, that seemed very profound to me (not toys, doggies, or ice-cream?). Anyway… you can imagine how much it melted me. I love that it’s true for each member of my family too.