Strawberry Koi Features and Credentials //

Strawberry Koi has been seen and featured on a wide variety of magazines, online magazines, blogs and fashion sites all over the world. To name just a few ofย my most notable features are:

Style Diaries 10 page spread
– Cover of De Meisjes Van De Suikerwerkfabriek
Modcloth’s Blogger of the Moment
– A variety of other Modcloth features/articles
– Chictopia article and front-page feature
Modepass front page feature
Vintage Life Magazine
Glamour Online Magazine
Lucky Online Magazine

Among various features and covers, Strawberry Koi can also be seen all over community websites such as:

Youtube: Over 15,00+ subscribers
– Member of exclusive Youtube Partnership.
– 7,750+ followers through Google reader, Blog Lov’n and Blogger
Lookbook: 600+ fans
Chictopia: 600+ fans
Modepass: 250+ followers
Weardrobe: 200 fans
Facebook: 700+ fans
Myspace: 500+
Twitter: 3000+ followers



Interested in sponsoring Strawberry Koi? Sponsorship is a wonderful opportunity to spread your name and business by bringing new viewers to your website through a personalized feature. With Strawberry Koi you are guaranteed traffic from a popular source, receiving

  • All sponsors are handpicked to ensure relevance to this blog’s viewers and to better accompany other sponsors.
  • Sponsors receive a priority ad-spot right-hand side of the blog.
  • Medium and Large ad-size sponsors receive a follow up “Sponsor spotlight” to share information on their site or business. Second spotlights may be given upon a special event or discount being offered.
  • Positions last for 30 days, unless longer periods are locked-in.


Engaging readers in activities is a wonderful way to attract viewers. Consider the following ways to fully benefit from blog-sponsorship and promote your business.

Simple Feature. Usually a simple collage of my personal picks from your store, or could be the newest collection from your shop.
Featured Giveaway. Giveaways are one of the most efficient methods to attract traffic and entice interest. I prefer to host giveaways with fun games, such as guessing a date or name of the giveaway-item.
Offer Special Discount or Promos. If you like, you can offer a discount or promotional code along with your spotlight to better increase traffic to your store.
Use Strawberry Koi to Model your Items. I certainly wont argue! In all seriousness though, a great way to bring attention to your store is to incorporate one of your items in one of my outfit posts. They are my most viewed types of posts, so even if it’s only to borrow, it’s an excellent way to demonstrate the the fit and beauty of the product.


Ads are hand-selected and must fit within the color scheme of this site, soft in color pallet ( such as pastel/muted/antique tones). Animated ads are not accepted at this time.

FEATURED AD: There is only one slot for the largest ad, it remains at the top at all times and receives two features (IE: product feature + giveaway)

MEDIUM AD: Medium ad receives one feature and is arranged “first come first serve”.

SMALL AD: Small ads are arranged first come first serve as well but do not receive special features at this time, however, particular requests may be requested and are based case by case.


If you would like to begin sponsorship or have additional questions, visit the contact page to email me for further information and rates, and to take the first step towards collaborating together. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!