Nothing Short of Classic

kathryn hepburn
{ The lovely Katharine Hepburn }

Lately I’ve really fallen back-in-love with Katharine Hepburn. Well, I’ve always loved her, but I just haven’t given her enough thought lately – which is a shame, because I think she is truly gorgeous and an definitely a classic inspiration…

kathryn hepburn

She was such a versatile actress, greatly honored and admired throughout her acting days. And for the time-period especially, she seemed very strong and independent. I’ve always been so impressed by influential women of the past with those traits, because that actually means they were twice as strong than women of today by comparison… I mean, since they created their bravery all on their own from nothing.

…Well, that’s a whole point all on its own, but the point here is that she was lovely and definitely had impeccable style. Yes, I will certainly take everything she’s wearing in these photos!

…So if you don’t know her all too well, definitely look her up and try some new (old) movies… one of my personal favorites is Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, *ahem* the only version.