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WHAT IS STRAWBERRY KOI? Strawberry Koi is the love-child between fashion and photography, with emphasis on vintage style and inspiration. Strawberry Koi was started as a simple fashion blog in 2008, and has since blossomed into something bigger, deeper and more passionate. Now SK offers an array of services and covers a variety of topics.

WHAT DOES THE NAME MEAN? Strawberries are often a symbol of love and passion; Koi may be best known as a carp, but also translates as a strong form of “love” in Japanese. The name was chosen for our business because we wanted to express our passion for the things that motivated us (And just between us, it’s also a homage to some ethnic heritage in the mix).

WHO WORKS BEHIND STRAWBERRY KOI? Aya and Thomas Smith are the creative master-minds behind the brand. Together, they work as a team in all that they do.

WHERE DO YOU FIND YOUR VINTAGE INVENTORY? We search far and wide for our hand-selected vintage finds. Thrift stores, antique stores and markets, and personal venders.

WHAT TYPE OF CAMERA DO YOU USE? Canon Mark ii 5D, with a fixed 50mm lens and other lenses, the Pentaxx K1000, and Iphones.

WHAT TYPE OF SOFTWARE DO YOU USE? Adobe Photoshop CS6 and Adobe Bridge CS5 for photo-editing, we shoot only in RAW file types, which allows better control over colors and lighting. Adobe actions, RADLAB and Vsco for color correction. We also use Photoshop CS6 and Adobe Illustrator for our graphic design.

DO YOU ACCEPT RETURNS ON VINTAGE ITEMS? At Strawberry Koi we aim to provide condition and details of vintage items with the best of accuracy, but minor blemishes are to be expected from items that are 20 years old or older. Items are one-of-a-kind and are sold as-is. Please understand that all sales are final when making a purchase unless grossly misrepresented.

HOW DO YOU MAKE YOUR HEADER IMAGES? All graphics and portraits are completely drawn by hand.

MAY I USE STRAWBERRY KOI IMAGES ON MY WEBSITE? Yes, you may! But please, please, please credit us when using any graphics or photography from this site. Looking for a new fancy-smancy header? We offer custom drawn portraits here.

WILL YOU DESIGN MY WEBSITE? Yes! It may take me some time to get back with you, but please send all web development/design inquiries to us and we’ll get back with you as soon as we can. (Visit the contact page)

ARE YOU ACCEPTING SPONSORS? Yes. Sponsor ads are displayed on the blog for maximum traffic to your business. Visit the press page for more sponsorship information or the contact pageto discuss collaboration.